Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New York Faces - Fran Lebowitz - Must Watch Documentary

If ever there was an image of the quintessential newyorker,  Fran Lebowitz  would definitely fit the bill.   Like many newyorkers, Ms. Lebowitz is very opinionated but unlike most, she is one of the most quoted speakers and is known to be the queen of one liners.

Now, another newyorker,  Martin Scorcese, gives us almost 90 Lebowitz filled minutes in a new HBO documentary called Public Speaking.  Fellow newyorker, Annmarie S., who recommended the documentary to mynewyork, said that Fran Lebowitz's "...comment on the impact of the AIDS crisis on our society and culture surpasses any I've ever heard as far as capturing the impact of the loss of that echelon of society."  After reading such a powerful statement by Annmarie, I just had to tune in and I was definitely not disappointed.

A big thanks to newyorker, Annmarie S. for tipping us on this great piece of ournewyork!

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