Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GET OUT OF MY WAY! Rage: It's Not Just For Roads

If you're a native newyorker then you know this feeling very well:  You're walking along the streets of Manhattan, zig zagging through the crowd as only an expert newyorker can.  Subconsciously, we map out the quickest way through the mass of people and then there is that inevitable STOP.  Usually a camera, toting tourist is blocking the sidewalk or a group of people walking five across (at a snail's pace no less) and blocking everyone's progress and then it hits you: RAGE.
What the fuck?  Yeah that's pretty much the three words that come to your mind right away.  Well if you think you are the only one, you're not.  Apparently it's real, alive and well in mynewyork.  [Read More]
Tell us your favorite Sidewalk Rage story...we want to know.

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