Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New York City Expands Smoking Ban to Parks, Plazas

So the battle against smokers continues in NYC when the City Council voted to ban smoking in public parks last week in the name of breathing easier for all newyorkers.  I don't necessarily agree with this ban happening in NYC to such extent but I do have to say that if most smokers were a little bit more considerate and conscious of their surroundings perhaps this wouldn't have gotten this far?
Countless times I have been sitting on a park bench or on the beach when some idiot decides to stand right next to me and light up.  You want to smoke and kill yourself, fine by me but don't invade my space with your smoke thank you very much.
Oh and don't think NYC is the first to enact such bans.  LA and Chi-town have similar laws as well as other cities across the nation.
What do you think, newyorkers?

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