Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New York City's Mosaic Is Getting Duller?

Just like the mosaic above called "One Race, One World, One Universe" is created by thousands of different colors and hues to paint a picture and show a story, so do the diverse people of New York City create a bright, colorful tapestry of this wonderful city we live in. Let's face it, where else can you visit different lands, experience foreign cultures, taste exotic foods for a mere $2.25? (Soon to be $2.50 - thanks, MTA for forgetting the lube before bending us over for the latest and most vicious  fare hike.)

But according to new census data released on Tuesday and reported  by the New York Times, some areas of the city have lost large numbers of Hispanic and Black populations as a result of gentrification. The trend, however, seems to be the opposite in the 'burbs as they have had a huge increase in ethnically diverse residents.

What do YOU think, my fellow newyorkers? Has your neighborhood gone through "the change"?

Oh and if you're interested in seeing the mosaic artwork above in person, just hop on the 2 and 5 trains to 3rd Avenue / 149th Street in the Bronx neighborhood of  Melrose  and take a look around the platform. Feel free to take a walk around the neighborhood and treat yourself to one of dozens of diverse Latin American restaurants within blocks of the station. Melrose is home to the largest concentration of Puerto Ricans in a congressional district of the United States, however, as times and neighborhoods change, you can now find amazing and authentic home cooked Mexican fare, Salvadoran and Ecuadorian alongside the longer established Puerto Rican and Dominican restaurants.

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