Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stop Complaining About The Blizzard Clean Up, newyorkers!

At least that's what the Daily News is  telling us.  After one of the largest snow storms in New York City, the city is still digging itself out.  Metro North is finally running on regular schedule as of today but many side streets remain untouched. 

Sound off, mynewyork - are you mad as hell or are you satisfied with the efforts so far? Maybe you simply don't give a shit like many Manhattanites since they don't travel too far unless they work outside the island.

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  1. I;m only upset at the fact that as cuts continue city services are declining yet one has to wonder where are the savings in city money going? Is it going to support the heavy administrative costs? If so, haven't NYC administrators proven they are not worthy of their salaries and it is better to dismantle them and hire more frontline workers? It may cut down on the sweltering shelter intakes who are understaff due to cuts also.