Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Quieter Subway Ride

Coming soon to a subway car near you--the loss of the Train of Thought series of quotes that have enlightened the masses.  For as long as this newyorker can remember, I have been enjoying the plethora of quotes amidst the cacophony of ads, carefully placed betwixt the promises of clearer skin by Doctor Zizmor and the guarantees of learning English by Zoni Language Center. 

On some of the most stressful days I rode the 2 train soaring down 7th Avenue besides Kafka, Dickinson and Eliot.  Now, thanks to the MTA's new  promotional campaign  touting the new electronic timetables at subway stations-which now annoyingly let us know how less frequently the trains run due to service cuts-Train of Thought will be no more.

Thanks, MTA, for increasing fares, cutting service and making us dumber.

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