Monday, December 20, 2010

Staten Island - The "Other" Borough. Where Are You SI?!

So, Staten Island - WHAT are you?  We want to know.  Staten Island is to New York City what New Jersey is to the Tri-State Region.  The butt of endless jokes.  What do we really know about our southern neighbors?  The image that I put together above is pretty much what, most of us not familiar with Staten Island, know about the place.  We know there's a huge landfill; you can't take a subway there but you can ride the ferry for free to get there; and finally the New York City Marathon starts there.
Besides that and the fact that Staten Islanders seem to have much more in common with Jersey (yuk) than the rest of newyorkers we don't know much.
So now this is YOUR time to tell us WHO you are, WHAT is Staten Island about.  We want to know what makes you tick. What grinds your gears...WHERE do you like to eat or have fun? Most of all we want to know WHY Staten Island?
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